Modders Inc. US Case Modding Championship Results from QuakeCon 2018

See the full results at Modder’s Inc.

A stroll through the BYOC will reveal the spectacle that is case modding at QuakeCon. Modders Inc. Many enter the US Case Modding Championship at QuakeCon, run by Modders Inc.

“Every year I am truly impressed and amazed with the caliber of mods that are entered and every year,” said Tom Brokaw of Modders Inc.  “The mods keep getting better and better.”

Brokaw continues, “the level of competition this year was really intense. There were so many fantastic mods in all the categories. Judging this was not an easy task and in some cases, a single point separated the top contenders in their respective categories. These competitors keep upping their game a notch every year and we love it!”


From Modders Inc.:

The modding contest has three categories: Bethesda/ID, Scratch Built, and Case Mod. Here is how to compete in each category.

Classic Case Mod: Consists of any mod that is built from an existing retail PC Case.

Scratch-Build Mod: Consists of any mod built from anything other than a retail PC Case.

id/Bethesda Themed Mod: Consists of any mod style (classic or scratch) themed about id Software/Bethesda or any of their games.


See the full results at Modder’s Inc.


Here’s a gallery of all the winners.