Jay-Z: “Everybody Calm Yo Shit. QuakeCon is On. We got 99 Problems but a Registration Glitch Ain’t One

As April 2018 comes to an end, so does the hope of an April QuakeCon registration. This is unfortunate, but in no way should cast doubt on whether QuakeCon will actually happen or not.

QuakeCon assures us that QuakeCon is set in stone.

Given 2017’s registration debacle, we at QNN prefer they get it right, even if that means missing the original April 2018 registration window.

We’ll leave you with the immortal words of Jay-Z: “We got 99 problems but a registration glitch ain’t one.”*

That is truly a man ahead of his time.


*This was never said, or should be even thought of as being said by Jay-Z. Jay-Z has probably never heard of QuakeCon and probably would be perplexed why anyone would ever need more than an Xbox to play video games. Or why, for that matter, would anyone travel with their equipment to play video games in the same room.